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Welcome to the first portal for Persian / Iranian card games. Here you can play several differnt games such as Hokm, Shelem, Pasur online against players from around the world for free.

After registeration and login to the site, please go to the "Games" page and choose one of the games that can be played here. Once you have done so, you will enter the lobby for that particular game. On the top right hand side, you'll see the list of players currently in that lobby.

Right below that, there is a list of all the game rooms currently open. If no room is shown, that means that there are currently no spot or no rooms available to play. However, at any time, you can create your own room by clicking the "New game" button.

On the lower right hand corner, there are 2 buttons, "Join Game" and "New Game." If you are planning to join a game listed in the room's list, then click on the name of the room, and then click on the "Join Game" button. If however, you want to create your own room, click on the "New Game" button. A popup will display, asking for a room name, number of rounds or score goal, whether you would like to make this room a private room, etc.

The score goal or the number of rounds is exactly what it sounds like. It is the number of hands to be played in a room (for Hokm), and the score goal that is to be achieved (for shelem, pasur and pasur ru baaz)
If you would like to have control on who is able to join your room, then you can make a room private. Private rooms are described below in a different section.
Please note, if you are new to the site, other players may not wish to play with you until and unless you have some scores and/or reputation. Therefore, we suggest you play with other players of the same rank/score.

Rules and Terms of use

1. Please do not swear or be rude to other players.

2. Do not spam. Typing the same text in the chat window more than 4 times is considered spamming

3. Do not leave the game before the game has ended. If you do so, you not only lose points for every occurance, but you also may get banned from the site.

4. Any type of cheating, would be severely punished by point deduction and/or ban.

5. Do not try to tamper with the site in any shape or form

We hope you enjoy the site! Have a great time.

Private Rooms

If you are interested to only play with certain players. You may want to consider creating private rooms. Private rooms are password protected and can be created by checking the Private checkbox when creatind a roo. At that time, you will be prompted to enter a password. Be careful with this password. If you forget it, there is no way to retrieve it.

Before creatind a private room you have to have some tokens. Tokens cost 25 cents and can be purchased from "My Acoount" page. You need 3 tokens to be able to create private rooms for a day. To invite your friends to your private room, use the invite command. Similarly, to tell your friends the password required to enter your private room, use the whisper command.


We are currently beta testing the tournaments. In the near future we will be running daily tournaments of Hokm. Stay tuned!


/hide    Be invisible so noone can see you
/unhide   Become visible
/invite username   Invite a user to your private room
/whisper username text   Send a message 'text' to a user privately
/ignore username   Ignore all chat messages from a user
/Unignore username   Un-ignore chat messages from a user.

Rules of the games